Gateway Australian Shepherd Club
Australian Shepherd of America Affiliate Club Est. 1995

The Gateway Australian Shepherd Club abides by all rules and
regulations of the Australian Shepherd Club Of America.
Australian Shepherds are an American breed and have no connection
with Australia!  Our wonderful Aussies have herded sheep and cattle in
the West since the 19th century, and today make great companion pets as
well as working dogs.  As part of promoting the working dog, GASC hosts
agility, obedience, and rally trials, as well as herding lessons and trials.  
GASC also holds sanctioned conformation shows with the entrants being
judged according to ASCA’s breed standards.  

Our goal is to have fun while our dogs have fun!

  Besides sponsoring
clinics and workshops, many members of GASC mentor other members
new to a particular venue.  Our mission is to protect and preserve the
Australian Shepherd and to educate the public about this wonderful and
special American breed.
Join us Feb 7-9 2020 for our Chill Chaser

Join us April 4-6, 2020 for our stock dog
See our Calendar for more info.