President:  Diane Bettis
Vice President:  
Linda Case
Treasurer:  Teresa Patterson
Secretary:  Beth Hemmer
Affiliate Rep:  
Sandy Hawkins
Membership secretary:  Becky Androff

Board Members:
Diane Brueckmann
Greg Jones
Diane DeVoto
Carolyn Walka
Bonnie Thompson

Contact us at:
Gateway ASC was founded in 1995.  A few of us got together at a Mid-America ASC
show and decided it would be nice to offer shows closer to home and have more
chances to title our dogs. So we took the initiative and started the club.  

Founding Members:  Mark and Diane Bettis,  Doug Nathe & Lynn Nathe-Kraut, Robyn
Nathe-Holtgrew & Tina Nathe-Griffin, Diane Saltzman, Dee Fournier, Kelly Obersen
(Deseased), Margi Oberson-Knarr, Hugh and MaryAnn McWilliams, Lorraine Rau, Karen
Kunz, Sandra Holmberg, Ken and Mary Ruth, Hope and Jeff Redeker, Bobbie and Brad
Schneider,  Roy and Susan Wilson (Both Deceased).

Our shows were held outside, regardless of weather, at Purina Farms. Later we used  
Grant's Shelter in St Louis for shows held during cold weather season. We were all a bit
younger and stronger then!  We had to purchase a trailer, ring gating and HEAVY rolls
of matting. We thank all of our strong backed workers that helped us lay the mats and
get ready for the shows for so many years. We outgrew Grant's Shelter and went to
The Woof at Westinn Kennels in Wentzville.  There we no longer had to haul matting
and set up rings (thank you, Sharon). We were indoors, heated and air conditioned all
year.  We then outgrew the Woof and went to the beautiful Purina Event Center where
we can have all venues, including agility, indoors on the same weekend no matter what
kind of weather we have.  We hope you will find time to join us at one of our upcoming