Family ($22.50) - 2 adults plus children under 18 - 2 votes

    Individual ($15.00) - 1 adult age 18 or older - 1 vote

    Junior($7.50) - Individual under 18 not included in a family membership - No  
    Voting rights

    Subscription to Newsletter Only ($10.00) - No voting rights

    Remember, you do not have to own an Australian Shepherd to join GASC.
    You do not even need to own a dog!

    You get our newsletter, "Tell Me No Tails", with your membership.  You get  to    
    meet new friends with a common interest.  Your dog gets to enjoy many  
    activities.   And you get the satisfaction of helping an organization that helps     
    the Australian  Shepherd.

    Membership application, forms & checks should be made out to GASC and
    mailed to:

    Becky Androff
    3301 Putnam Avenue
    Belleville, IL. 62226