Saturday, April 1, 2017

1 day/3 shows
Australian Shepherd Conformation
All-Breed Junior Handling
Outdoors in conjunction with our 2 days
of Stockdog Trials at Purina Farms Herding Trial Field

April 1-2, 2017

Kelly Orberson Memorial ASCA Sanctioned Stockdog Trials
4 Stockdog Trials
Post-Advanced Classes Offered Sunday-Trial 2
Purina Farms Herding Trial Field
Gray Summit, MO 63089

March 20-31   Tenley Dexter Herding Clinic

August 18-20 Summer Showdown

3 days of All-Breed Agility Trials, 5 Aussie Conformation shows, 4
All-Breed Rally Trials, 3 All-Breed Obedience Trials

September 28-October 1
Tenley Dexter Herding Clinic

October 27-November 4 ASCA Nationals, Bryan TX

December 16 Holiday Bazaar and
GASC Holiday Party